Aircraft Ferry Services

Atlas provides comprehensive aircraft ferry services. In line with our commitment to safety, we utilize only the most professional and experienced airmen on all of our ferry flights.

Atlas handles all aspects of a ferry flight including:

Aircraft Ferry Services

  • Qualified Crews
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Ground Handling and Logistics
  • Accommodations
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Fuel
  • Acceptance Flights
  • Flight Planning
  • Aircraft Maintenance Flights
  • Clearances
  • Visas
  • Any Other Service Requested

Our ferry pricing includes all services. Any overage paid by the customer above the actual cost quoted in the proposal is promptly returned to the customer at the completion of the ferry flight.

Commitment to Safety

Atlas understands that safety is the quintessential element in flight operations.  It is with this understanding that we provide only the most dedicated, experienced, and professional crew members available.

Worldwide Destinations

Atlas’s crews are capable of moving aircraft between any points in the world.  We will coordinate and international handling, clearances and special circumstances to accommodate international trips.  Our extensive experience helps to ensure that trips operate safely and smoothly.

Continued Support and Communications

Atlas provides unsurpassed support to all of our customers, crews and partners.  A big part of this support function is to keep you informed of the status of the ferry flight.  Aircraft are expensive and we appreciate how much our clients have invested in them.  Therefore, it’s important that we keep our customers informed of the status of the flight and any changes that may develop.  We work hard to help resolve any unexpected circumstances that may arise in the shortest time possible. Our service is comprehensive and geared towards complete customer satisfaction.

ALL Aircraft Types

Atlas handles the following aircraft types, including:

  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Corporate and Executive Aircraft

The Atlas Price Guarantee

Atlas is committed to excellence in safety and complete customer satisfaction.  As part of our commitment to providing unsurpassed service to our customers Atlas has a Price Guarantee policy for all ferry flights.

Ferry flights require costs and fees to be paid up front.  These fees are based on our accurate fee schedules and trip cost estimates.  We work diligently to complete each and every ferry flight in the safest and most efficient way possible.  As a result, we are often able to save our customers money by completing the ferry flight for less cost than was expected.  This overage is returned to the customer.